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The History of our Child Care Center


1934 Ripley Children’s Center, the original facility, was opened at 103 Ripley .

1952 The Heart of Missouri United Way chose incorporation for the schools.

1968 The Hinkson Children’s Center (1505 Hinkson) was opened. This expanded property opened in response to a surge in women returning to the workplace in the 1960's. The center provided a void in the community for families at a time when quality care was minimal.

1978 A North Wing was added to the building.

1987 In response to the community's need for infant and toddler care, we purchased the neighboring property at 1511 Hinkson Avenue. This property became one of the first licensed centers to provide care for infants and toddlers in Columbia. 

2001 The Ripley Children’s Center was sold.

2003 A new infant and toddler building was opened at 1509 Hinkson was built in partnership with Boone Early Childhood Partners

2006 The building at 1511 Hinkson received a facelift

2008 Community Nursery Schools adopted the name: Mary Lee Johnston Community Learning Center.

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