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At Mary Lee Johnston Community Learning Center, children from ages four to kindergarten are served in our preschool classroom. The preschool years are fundamental for future school success.  The preschool classrooms at MLJCLC are rich in learning experiences and literacy exposure. These children also participate in our center wide nutritional education program and the JumpStart early literacy program.


Our mission is to ensure all our children are successful and confident when starting kindergarten. Our preschoolers still work on expanding their gross motor skills such as, swinging, somersaults, skipping, and balancing for longer periods of time. They are master fine motor development with the tripod grip when making letters, shapes, people, or drawings. They use their fine motor skills to help develop their independence with using utensils, toileting care, dressing, and undressing.  They are continually expanding their knowledge of shapes, letters, listening, and recalling.




Preschoolers are very aware of their friends. They want to please their friends and have similarities in interest to bond over. These children use the skills developed in previous classrooms to thrive and excel in their learning and comprehension. All classrooms in our center us Highscope curriculum. To focus on plan, do, and review. This gives our children the exposure to develop their planning and reviewing skills. These skills are highly beneficial in problem solving. 

Preschool at our Child Care Center

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